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Subscribing to a LISTSERV

To subscribe to any general list, follow these short steps using your Virginia Tech e-mail account:

  1. Address a new message to: listserv@listserv.vt.edu.
  2. Type subscribe cloggers firstname lastname in the body of the message, where 'firstname lastname' is your name. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. Send the e-mail.
  4. You may either receive a confirmation message or a denial message.
  5. Please contact missamandabeth@gmail.com if you receive a denial message. We will attempt to help you sort it out.

Unsubscribing from a List

By removing yourself from a LISTSERV, you will no longer receive messages from the list or have the ability to post messages to the list. When you are sure that you want to unsubscribe, follow these few steps:

  1. Address a new e-mail message to listserv@listserv.vt.edu.
  2. Type signoff cloggers in the body of the e-mail, where 'listname' is the name of the list.
  3. Send the e-mail. (the 'from' field must be the address that you wish removed fromt the system)

Getting Digests

For a comprehensive list of Listserv Commands

More Info on LISTSERV

For more information on VT LISTSERV go here.

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