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Athens Boogie

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Revised 2006
Athens Boogie
(Hiltonís jig)
4 Persons

Start in 2 lines, ladies on stage right and men on stage left:


Ready, Do si do!

End up in one line, with lady on manís right.

Ready, Sync Step.

Do it 4 times, then close circle in 2 basics; circle left in 4 basics; open circle in 2 basics.

Ready, Donkey Alamo.

Do 2 pairs, then close and circle one as above.

Ready, Brat!

Do it 2 times (with two basics in between). Close circle as above and circle left.

Ready, Diamond Stop!

After brats, count 8 basics while closing circle and circling left. On 8th basic, turn and stomp. 2 basics towards corners, turn around with a Big Kick, 2 basics toward center; Claps (thighs, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap :towards your corner first, ladies clap low): Hesitation (stomp feet)

Circle left.

Circle one time, Ďtil head couple is on stage right

Dive for the Oyster!

All do Berthas while head couple dives under

Dig for the Clam!

All do berthas while other couple dives under

Ready, Golden Gate!

Head couple goes under first, other couple makes arch. Both couples California twirl. Switch so that head couple makes arch and other couple goes under.

Ready, Ladies twirl.

Lady moves around partner and is passed over to swing opposite for 4 counts. Pass back to partner and swing 4 counts. End swing in a straight line.

Ladies Boogie.

Mens Boogie.

End this with everybody twirling to a circle left.

Ready, Diamond Stop!

(same as above)

Ready, Jax off.

Rip Ďn Snort in 2 beats, than split and Jax off to both sides.

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