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This routine can be performed with two, three or four couples.

The routine begins with couples in two lines, single hands, facing each other in center stage.

Ready, Cobbles

Two cobbles in place followed by an over/under with two basics. Repeat about four times until caller calls last one. Last cobbles to a swing your partner, switch to an Indian Swing for four Indians and end in Promenade position.

Men move around and drop back two

Men cross in front of their partner and drop back two women in four basics; women continue to move forward. Meet your new partner with a Big Kick and then Indian Swing for four Indians into a Promenade. Repeat back to your original partner (pass your partner once?).

Accordion/Twirl and Chug

Women switch to left foot for Accordions - lean into your partner with a basic, lean out with a chug (men chug right left, women chug left). Repeat about four times until caller calls last one to a Twirl and Chug - men twirl ladies across in front of them with a count of 1,2,3,Chug and then twirl back to promenade position with the same count. Do an Accordion and then repeat until caller calls last one. Double Twirl to a circle.

Double Crossovers

Alamande left to Double Crossovers, women facing out, men facing in. Drop left hands, move forward on two basics until men are facing out and women facing in, Double Crossovers. Drop right hands, move forward on two basics until women are facing out, men facing in, Double Crossovers, etc. End with men facing out.

Two Basics, Big Kick

Drop hands, two basics, big kick/turn around. Form two circles, men's and women's (women with an inside out circle inside the men's circle) and both circle right. Follow your partner once around the circle and weave the basket. Sweaty Bellies with your partner and end in a big circle with the ladies facing out.

Two Basics, Two indians

Begin an exaggerated "grand right and left" by alternating two basics and two Indians. Pull by on the basics, Indian with the next person. Meet your partner with a Speed Swing, end in a Promenade right. Double twirl to a circle.

Two Basics, Kate's Mare

Two basics to the center of the circle. Kate's Mare, turn around to left on the Judy part to an outward facing circle. Go straight into four Indians followed by Charlestons.

Ready, Pachuka!

Drop hands with your partner, turn towards your neighbor and push off with your free hand back to an outward facing circle, rejoining hands with your partner. Drop hands with your corner, turn towards your partner, join free hands and reopen into an inward facing circle.


Circle right until the head couple/caller is closest to the audience and zip up into Flapjacks. Do four Crazy Eddies, drop hands, two basics forward (two lines moving in opposite directions), Kate's Mare/turn around to two facing lines, four Indians. Earl across and repeat two basics, Kate's Mare/ turn around, four Indians.

Couples twirl and meet at the bottom, one couple at a time starting with the end couple. Move forward to a line in the front, form an arch in the center of the line to let the next couple in until all couples are in a long line at the front.

Sync Indians

Sync Indias to an Alamande Bertha all the way around. The women go one direction and the men to the opposite to end in two lines facing each other. Bow with an Eddie and then Quick Earls off the stage, men's and women's lines pass through in the center. Two or three Earls depending on stage size.

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