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Routine: "Show 'Em"

This routine is performed with 4 couples. Enter in two lines.

Ready, let's Judy!

Entrance: the two lines do one Judy facing, and then move towards each other with alternating rights and lefts on each Judy (the heads do one Judy facing, and then join right arms and chug backwards on the next). You jump backwards as do the Judy. The first two pass each other and meet the next two people with lefts. Rights and lefts until the heads meet the last in the lines with a left. At the last the caller yells:

Twirl the ladies to the back!

The gents twirl the ladies to a line at the back facing out in two basics, and the men face the ladies.

Ready, Swing & Switch!

Four basics to swing your partner and get back to two lines except that couples one and three switch to the other line.

Ready, Do-Si-Do, to a Wavy Line!

Four basics, do-si-do to one line, and take your partner's right hand and corner's left.

Ladies In!

This set of calls works in two lines of four people. This call alternates with:

Ladies In! and Bend the Line!

Every two basics, with the outside men or ladies moving around ('bend the line'), or the two couples in each line switching with the people in the center of the line ('ladies in'). The caller calls Last One! to get the lines parallel in the proper order for the next move.

Elbow Swing!

Now you have your partner for the rest of the dance. The couples move around to a star with the men's left shoulders in the center, holding your partner by the right, and ladies out. Then, without a call, you turn and face your partner. Take both hands, and change positions, three basics to a Smokey Three, (double kick). Then turn to the person to the left and repeat the switch and Smokey Three in four basics. Continue this move until you have kicked with your partner (the lady will be at the inside of the star).

Full Rag!

Gents cock to their right (ladies to their left) on the first basic and they do a back-to-back twirl to a ladies left-handed star, with the men out at a full arms length star. It all takes two basics. Ladies, be sure to bring your left arm up and over, not straight into, the star smoothly with the rest of the ladies. It's called a full rag because its done from holding both arms.

Gents, Wind Up!

Gents wind up two basics, out two basics, and everybody...

Big Kick!

Stomp hard on the one-two-three and go right into two Alamos. Half Rag follows.

Ready, Half Rag!

This one takes four basics. Arms forward on the Ready, back on the Half Rag, and the couples do another back-to-back twirl passing by each other to switch positions in the star. Gents bring your arms up and over into the star.

Ladies, Wind Up!

Just like the gents windup, in and out in four basics to a Big Kick, one-two-three, and into two Berthas. You know that you only do two Alamos and two Berthas in these two figures.

Ready, Beehive

With this call the ladies move into four corners square with the stage, and the gents weave in and out of the ladies, hopping at the end of each fourth basic, until they are facing their partner. Then the couples go straight into the Randys Rag. This takes five basics to get to a Stomp Kick, one-two-three. Then twirl the ladies into the center.

Ladies In!

The caller may or may not call this. The ladies twirl into a circle, and the men form a circle outside of them.

Ladies Go Left, Gents Go Right!. Follow Your Partner!. Weave the Basket!. Men Get low!

Men pick up the ladies. The men put their hands firmly around the ladies waists, and the ladies grap ahold of each others arms. Gents put your right leg in the center to push from. Ladies kick your legs up and down as you fly around. The caller yells:

Five, Six, Set 'Em Down!

You have the span of two basics to set the ladies down, get back on the beat, and start a four basic swing/twirl into prominade right.

From prominade right, the head couple leads into a prominade straight at the audience, where each couple peels off, alternating to the right and to the left around to form a line at the back.

Ready, Show 'Em

The gents go first, two basics forward into two Coal-Creeks, and back up two basics back to the line. As the men back up, the women go forward two basics into two Kate's Mares without any basics in between. Then the men go back forward at the same time into the Charleston. The women come back forward again to join the men on the third Charleston. These continue until caller says Last One!

Last One! Big Kick!

You go straight into the Alamo from the last Charleston. This is tricky because you need to put an extra shuffle at the start of the first Alamo. As the Alamos start, the people at the end of the line shuffle around in a wide arc so that they will lead their lines through an arch formed by the people at the center of the line. When everyone is in a circle facing out the caller yells last one, big kick!

Last One, Big Kick!

From the last Alamo straight into a Big-Kick, one-two-three. On the one-two-three the call is:

Alamand Left! Weave the Ring! Swing Your Partner! Circle Right!

You weave the ring around in a fancy sort of way until you meet your partner. Caller yells Swing Your Partner! This swing takes four basics to go straight into circle cright

Ocean Wave!

As the group circles to the right, the head man will begin the wave towards the front, and continue forward and back, until he has gone under each person's arms. Then the caller leads the line out past the front of the stage and off. It is important for this move that the wave move straight forward and back.

The End Lady

The lady at the end of the ocean wave has to skip around really fast to make sure that the waves are actually going straight forward and straight back. Then when the wave is finished she should do some twirls under her arm as the line exits.

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