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Suitable for any number of persons, odd or even numbers, male or female

Begin in two lines facing each other, ladies on stage right, men on stage left.

Ready, Do si do!

Head lady and head gent do si do each other.

See saw.

Head lady and gent continue to move down the opposite line by doing a left shoulder do si do (see saw) with the next person in line. Second lady and gent in line are now dancing also. Continue alternating do si do and see saw until the head lady and gent have moved through the whole line. Form one long line with the original head lady and gent on the ends.

Ready, Johnson Gals.

In a line: Running earl, eddy, judy, followed by 4 Indians and 8 Tolly’s Folly.

Ready, Ocean Wave.

Wave starts with the dancers on each end of the line turning under their own arm, then proceeding to pass through an arch created by the dancers next to them. Continue the wave until the ends meet and pass through the same arch.

Circle left.

Ready, breathe.

When the head lady and gent have their backs to the audience, the circle contracts to the center in 2 basics and back out again in two basics.

Ladies in.

Ladies twirl under their arms to end up with their backs in the center of the circle. Men in: ladies walk out, men walk in (do not break circle). Ladies in, men out. Switch. Ladies unwind and men turn under their arms to end up with their back in the center of the circle. Men walk out, ladies walk in, men back in. Everybody in: Men unwind and everybody scrunch in center of circle.

*Note: Each part of this sequence happens in 2 basics

Rip ‘n snort

To a straight line at back of stage.

Ready, coke bottles

Lady just to the left (or right) of the center of the line twirls to center stage. Alternate from left and right side of the line, each dancer twirling into a straight line behind the first dancer.

*Caller will call RIGHT. Dancers who came from the right side of the line should be on their right foot, dancers from the left side of the line should switch to their left foot.

Ready, Jumping Jenny’s

Line separates to left and right, (half going left, half going right depending on which end of the original line you came from) with Alamo-style Jumping Jenny’s. Alamo back to a straight line and repeat with each half going in the other direction. Alamo back to straight line. Repeat once more, also switching directions but do not return back to straight line. Instead, twirl in place to end up in two lines facing each other.

Ready, Wheel Sync

Wheel sync followed by a pair of regular sync steps. Traveling sync step, passing left shoulders, to other side. Two cross sync steps. Twirl in place to form two lines facing each other.

Ready, sachet down

Head couple sachets down and returns to head of lines to begins a Virginia reel, swing for 3 counts. Separate and swing the next person in the opposite line for 4 counts. Join back up with partner and continue the reel down the line. Second couple in line meets to swing when the first couple is also returning to swing in middle of line. The reel now continues with two couples simultaneously. When the first couple reaches the end of the line they begin to form a straight line perpendicular to the reel. As each successive couple reaches the end of the reel, they twirl themselves into the straight line until all dancers are in a straight line. *Dancers should position themselves in the line as if they were going to swing one more person in the reel.

Ready, Johnson Gals

Same as above. On 8th Tolly’s Folly, everyone turn in place to form a backwards line.

Ready, M&M’s

Starting at the stage right end of the line, turn over right shoulder and under arm to end up in a straight line facing forwards with arms crossed.

Ready, two basics, 4 Polyesters.

Ready, two basics, 4 Donkey Alamos.

Routine ends with a bow on the last Donkey Alamo.

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