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Strut - 4 person

Begin facing your partner in a straight line, parallel to the audience (gents are back to back)

Do-si-do your partner (8counts)

Grand Right and Left (3 x 8 counts)

Grab forearms rather than hands as you pass. This is kind of like a hay—you get spit out at the end. When you do, spin. This will be counts 3 & 4 for gents, 7&8 for ladies.

Swing your partner (8)

Grab left hands, right hands go under and around waist. Or something like that.

Face across


to the center, back out with 2 basics. As you back out the ladies roll away. Do twice, then switch so that gents get rolled away twice. Alamo to the center again and stay in.

Circle left

Ladies grab hands across, gents same (gents hands on top).

Double Weave

Slide for Two

Slide out for 2 basics, stomp kick (right leg kicks)

Circle left

Twirl ‘em in

When lady 1 and gent 2 are facing the audience, they become ‘posts’ and twirl their partner in towards them. Everyone links with arms around waists

Barnyard Slide

2 Barnyard Slides, 2 Quick Berthas, 1 Judy, 1 Alamo

Do this sequence twice (one to the right, once to the left) all linked together.
Repeat the sequence: Couple on the left does it once to the left, then once to the right so that the line splits. As you come back together, the couple on the right uses the last Judy to turn around, backs to the audience and link back with the other couple.

Wheel Around

Wheel all the way around for 8 counts.
Break! Split and wheel around as couples (8)
Rejoin and do 2 Eddies
Wheel around for 8
Break and stay! Split and wheel around as couples, but don’t rejoin (8)
Break again!
Spin single (8) and go straight into:
1 Eddie
3 Cowboys—last cowboy you split and go to the sides of stage (facing middle)
Swing boogie with your partner for 3 8 counts
Basic right

Ready, cobble

2 cobbles, 1 brat. Repeat

Ready, bow

Bow, then middle people get rolled away and spin off stage.
Last two people allemande and spin themselves off stage.

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