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Suzie Slide

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This routine can be performed with any number of couples, usually three or four. It was originally designed for four couples but was modified for any number. Susie Slide is the second routine produced by the Hoorah Cloggers and is named after Susie Willis, an early member of the group.

The routine begins with men and women in two lines at stage rear with the men on the right.


Ready, Go! Partners meet and promenade straight ahead on a double count (two basics). Take right hands on one, lady twirls (California Twirl) on two to promenade.

London Bridge

The caller can call Backwards London Bridge but it is not necessary. On a double count, front couple does a cock to the rear, and the lady twirls out to a backwards London bridge. Caller usually starts this after 4 double counts.

Figure Eight

Couples come through the bridge with singe lands. If there are more than three couples, only go through the bridge once. Twirl out to the figure eight on a double count, both the man and the lady. Go to your own side around the eight, and the lady goes before the man forward in a straight line up the center of the stage. As you emerge to the front line of the eight, give a fancy step as you move around the opposite side of the eight.


Couples finish the figure eight when they meet at the rear with another California twirl from the opposite side from the first C-twirl. Use the same double beat twirl to promenade straight ahead.


Ready, Pivots! When the caller feels the line is ready (as soon as possible), begin the pivots, which result with the group in a line facing stage front.

For three couples, the first two couples do a complete pivot in three doubles, while the third couple just goes straight ahead. For four or more couples, the first four couples do two different sets of four double pivots, while the remaining couples just go straight ahead to the line.

This move takes careful observation and memorization of its rules to learn.

Smokey Ones

Ready, Smokey One! The caller calls four Smokey one and then calls Ready, Break the Line! The line breaks in the middle and folds back on about four basics to two lines facing.

Four Couple Option - Posty's Jig

Ready, Post Jig! This features over-unders on a three-basic count. It is the only part of the Susie Slide that is Square (four couples required). Just remember that if you are facing stage rear you go over or if youíre facing the head man to the side then you go over. When you meet your partner you have four basics to the twirl the lady into promenade right.

Two, Three or Four Couple Option

Two Lines, Forward and Back! That ís the call, and meet with a clap. Two basics (or one Alamo) forward, and two back (or one Alamo).

Ready, Right Hands Around!

Right hands around with and Alamo-type Jumping Jenny (Selah-One). Return to your line with an Alamo hop so you are facing in again.

Ready, Big Kick!

Meet with both hands and twirl so you do a big kick back-to-back, and then continue forward and big kick back to the center of the line

Ready, Strut! *Note, this section has been left out in recent days.*

Each facing struts past their opposite to the other side and turns. Do three struts across. Every two basics another couple struts.

Ready, Swing your Partner! Everybody swings their original partner four basics into promenade right. (Twirl on three and promenade on four).

All Couples

Ready, Twirl on Three!

From promenade, cock forward, cock backwards, and twirl the lady. Last One to a Circle is called as the fourth one starts and the ladies twirl into a circle.

Carolina Star

This move starts with Ready, Alaman Left! Four basics around your corner and take your partners hand, into an Alamo big kick straight head. At this point the figure should have a star shape, with the men in and the ladies out. Then drop your cornerís hand and form a different star with arms extended straight for two basics. Continue with Alamo- big kicks and the two basic star until you get done five of the straight arm stars. This will put a lady or man (your partner with four couples) on your right hand and you cock and twirl to promenade right. The caller should announce this with a Promenade Right!

Ready, Slide!

Four basic to a big kick with arms extended. Your arms go up and over your heads on one, and then slide out to the big kick after four. After the one-two-three you cock and twirl/ reverse to a promenade left with the ladies on the outside.

Ready, Ladies Twirl Off!

The ladies twirl in place for four basics as the man continues forward to the next lady. The man puts his arm around the ladies waist and she puts her hand on his left shoulder. The man walks forward four basics and around and brings his hand up and over into a right-hand star. From here the call is repeated at least three times until you get your partner back.

Ready, Indian!

A shouting Indian, ladies remember to keep the star square.

Ready, Ladies In!

The men swing the ladies one and a half times around in four basics to a ladies left hand star. Ladies hands go up and over to the star.

Ready, Alamo!

As the head man passes the front of the stage he peels off with his partner into a circle facing out. Each couple follows into the circle facing out while doing the Alamo.

The Bow

The caller should get the proper alignment for the bow. If it is a flat stage, everyone should face out elliptically towards the front. If it is round, then a couple should face every side where the audience is. The caller calls Last One! To end the Alamos and then Ready, Bow! Bow, which is just a single crazy Eddie. The couples then twirl and swing, and boogie off the stage in any direction.

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